Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life on the bus

      Our days of "slumming it" at the Ritz are over. No more $6 coffees and $18 burgers. With that said, consequently  means no more showers or cozy beds. It's a blessing and a curse. We had a great show in Laguna Beach at the 10th annual Cosmic Creek Surf Event. The folks at Billabong always treat us all so well. This year's event was a costume contest with some great prizes for the best costumes or lack of costume. Some things should be covered up. A loin cloth is not a costume! Cordoba was kind enough to send some guitars and ukes for prizes as well as Doc from Surf Prescriptions gave away a great board.
       We spent our Halloween on our newly wrapped rolling home in which 9 of us will be calling home until December 5th. Our first show of the actual "Glow" tour was in Solana Beach at the Belly Up.  The venue is right across from the ocean which allowed for some much needed surf time. The Belly Up is always a fun show. So many people who support Donny and the band live in that area so it becomes a large backstage party. Thanks to our friend Bonner, who brought us 2 cases of Gentleman Jack and Herradura Tequila, our bus if fully stocked and our livers will be leather by December. All of our sponsors were around for the show. Billabong, Coors Light, Sanuk, Verizon and Cordoba. They are all so nice to us. 
     If any of you get a chance check out Ximena Saranana. She is our opener for the tour. What an amazing voice! Ximena has a new song out with Jason Mraz which is spiking the charts in Mexico. She is the real deal. I hope she's up for a bus load of stinky men. Well that's all folks! Life on the road continues. Speaking of I think the bus just broke down... 

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