Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here we go again,,,

     The last week and a half has been a busy one for all of in Frankenreiter camp. We started off last week with a Fuel TV performance for a show called the Daily Habit. I have mixed feelings about tv. It is always a little nerve racking. Despite the performance itself, there is a lot of security, paperwork and hectic scheduling. It takes hours to prepare everything for the 3 minutes of fury for the actual show. It's always fun to be on those movie lots and pass by sets being constructed and deconstructed. We saw the set of "Chicago" being built.  Tuesday we performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. That was a blast! Everyone including my wife and Jimmy Kimmel were wearing stick on mustaches. It cracks me up to see all those silly staches out there in audience.
    We were spoiled for the rest of the week with swanky hotels in Hollywood. Donavon was kind enough to put Catherine and myself in the Graffton on Sunset Boulevard. Our room came complete with blood stained sheets. Strange! The latter part of the week we spent at the "W" Hotel on Hollywood and Vine. In leu of the $300/bottle table service for Jack Daniels, We opted for the Irish Pub across the street. $3/beer that's what I'm talking about!
     I have mixed feelings about Hollyweird. Everyone looks like a movie star except the stars themselves. Cat and I did spot Chef Gordon Ramsey and LL Cool J while we were out. By Friday we were glad to head down to Orange County. Next stop, The Ritz Charlton for three days. Fun, sun and surfing in beautiful Southern California and home of The Cosmic Creek Surf contest. Woo hoo!