Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 9

     Its day nine, We just pulled to Salt Lake City. It's 30 degrees with light snow following. A great change from LA one week ago with 113 degree readings. We have been burning the roads up over the past week or so. From San Diego to Vancouver passing through LA, Santa Barbera, San Fransisco, Portland, Reno and Seattle. Bus life is going fine just crowded.At one point we had 10 people plus Donavon's two grommets living on this rolling road show. It was very tight. Matt our bass player who is a very large man who can easily pass for a Northwest trapper would fold himself up into his "sanctuary" An 8 foot long 2 foot wide bunk and read for hours to escape the madness. We are nine people deep now. Poor Xemena our opener is stuck on this contraption with all these guys whom she had just meet. She is a trooper. The bus seems a touch cleaner that the last tour. Usually there are clothes, rotten fruit, guitars, banjos, uke Donavon's dirty socks everywhere. Now there are only Donavon's dirty socks everywhere. 
     The shows have been great. Xemana is a star! She sounds amazing. The band has put together a great new show incorporating several new songs and new versions of some older ones. It's always nice to have a fresh approach to old material. The fans have been very responsive to the new songs. "Glow" continues to climb the charts and is being added at new stations every day. The only way to win the game these days are to pound the pavement. But that is our job. Bring the music to the people. The days of being a recording giant are over thanks to the Internet. 
     We are canceling two shows next due to the untimely passing of surfing star Andy Irons. Donavon and Andy were very close friends, neighbors as well as brand mates. Andy will be greatly missed. I had the privilege of hanging with Andy at Teahapoo a couple of years ago. Cat and I also rented his house for our honeymoon. He was a nice fella and an amazing surfer.  There will be a giant paddle out for Andy on Kauai next week. Donavon is flying home for the ceremony. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lindi and Andy's family. 
   That's all I have for now thanks for tuning in....

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