Saturday, November 27, 2010

almost home

     This leg of the "Glow" tour is slowly coming to an end. We are in Pittsburg today. It's hard to keep track sometimes. The popular bus term is "ground hog day." Every day we are in a different city playing a different venue befreinding people as we move along. I really enjoy my job don't get me wrong. but most fans are out for a party night assuming we all are ready to throw down. While every show is different, It's hard to do it up every night. I guess that's why Keith Richards undergoes blood transfushions. Luckily we are saved by early bus calls with 12 - 15 hour drives.  It does not give us time to meander too far from our rolling cottage. It is entertaining to watch as we call them randoms roam around the bus as the venue closes. We turn out all the lights as the spectacle unfolds. You have to love one way glass!
     The last two weeks seem to go by quickly. John Oates from "Hall & Oates" was out with us for a week. John is a very nice guy as well as a seasoned musician. We played shows in Chicago, Pontiac, Cleveland and Nashville.  John has a new album coming out next spring so we played some of his new songs as well as a cool version of "I can't go for that." He has not been on a tour bus in 20 years. I don't think he knew what was he was about to experience. He was a great sport to endure smell socks and scary bathroom.  After a week with no hotels and only a few showers, his camping trip was over and off he was to his Aspen paradise. It was great hearing his stories and past experiences. Oh what it was to be a star in eighties.    
     We went to a few new spots on this tour. I made it a point to get out and check out what some of these cities had to offer. We took a posse to the Arch in St. Louis. It was quite an experience. I would not recommend this adventure for anyone who experiences claustrophobia. You travel to the top in these small pods with 5 people. The inside is the size of a Yugo. It's a beautiful view from the top. The view spans for miles. It's worth the 10 bucks. When we returned to our hotel,  we were cruising by a wedding reception taking place in the ballroom. We stopped to hear the band when the bartender approached us and told us it was the Temptations. So random. One of the member's daughter was getting hitched. Now that is a wedding band! 
   It was nice to see a good number of friends as we passed through the Midwest. Definitely one of the advantages of traveling the same routes once every year or so. I have met a lot of nice people over the past 5 years and established some lifelong friendships.  Plus they all have washers and clean bathrooms. It's always nice to get away from the rolling germ factory. 
     We are off to the big city now. Woo hoo! Three days off in NYC. My beautiful wife is flying out for some much needed R&R. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and until next time. 

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