Thursday, March 17, 2011

Viva Brasil

     Our next few shows in Brazil were amazing. We went down to the coast to the city of Atlanchida and managed to grab a few waves before our show. The shows in Brazil are so late in comparison to places like Japan where the downbeat starts around 7. I would always manage to sneak in a catnap before the session. Thank goodness the coffee is very potent.  Once my body becomes sleep deprived it is impossible to actually get proper rest. So I had to offset the jetlag compounded by early flights with heavy doses of caffeine. I swear these people never sleep.
      We had a few days off in Sao Paulo after 4 shows in a row. Our hosts from Alma Surf had plenty of activities planned for us. Matt became deathly ill from an unknown virus the he may have contracted from Chile. He was out of commission and under a Brazilian physician’s care for 3 days. The promoters had the great idea of having MTV sponsor a Rock and Jock soccer game between the band and a team of Brazilians. To our defense we did acquire a few Brazilians from Alma Surf to join us. We actually held our ground considering we looked like the Bad News Bears of Futbol. Donny attempted several Bicycle kicks that were nearly successful and our TM  managed to score a few goals. I on the other hand was completely useless. Nevertheless it was a fun day and we all got some much needed exercise. The downside was I paid for it for the next two days.
     Our tour guides took us all down to the largest farmer’s market in the heart of Sao Paulo. This market is where consumers and restaurant owners come to purchase fruits, veggies, meat and fish. I saw some very interesting pieces of animals displayed by the vendors. These people use every piece. Nothing is wasted.  You could buy every part and reassemble the animal if you chose. It is quite a different food culture from the states. There were rows and rows of vendors selling delicious cheeses, chocolates, acai bowls, wines, olive oils, spices. I was beginning to get dizzy from gazing upon all the goodies.
     We finished to the tour with two shows in Florinopolis in the South of Brazil with Ben Harper. The shows were on the beach making for a breathtaking backdrop. Each show was packed with 15,000 very elated Brazilians. Ben Harper and his band were great as always. After the final concert, the Donavon crew as well as Ben and his peeps went over to watch the Super Bowl at a beautiful house on the cliffs over looking the Concert area. I had the best time listening to Ben and Tom Curren try to explain the rules of American football to a bunch of soccer fans.
     After two weeks of no sleep and way too much food, we boarded our flights and went on our separate ways back home. This was my third trip to Brazil and by far the best. The Brazilian people are very hospitable and passionate about their country and their culture. With every trip I feel that I get a better taste of what this country has to offer. 

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