Monday, March 14, 2011

South of the Border

After coming off freezing but yet successful tour, We headed down to Brazil for a couple of weeks of sun, surf and music. After our grueling commute from good old Jacksonville, We landed in Sao Paulo at 3 a.m. and went for an hour long car ride across the Sao Paulo metropolis to our hotel to meet the rest of the crew. On top of being exhuasted from our previous bout with the Great Blizzard, We had 45 minute nap before our 5:30 am lobby call to board yet another flight to our first show. I filled myself full of Caffeine and loaded the people mover. Donavon and Grundy as well as surfing icon Tom Curren met up with us at the lobby looking far more rested the Florida crew.
     I have to preface all of this with a little information about touring and traveling in Brazil. First of all, I love this place. Brazil has amazing food and coffee. Every hotel has a complimentary breakfast spread chaulked full of fresh fruits, Juices, cold cuts, cheese assortments, eggs, bacon and freshly baked pastries. It makes a great start for the day or end to your night as in this case. Brazil is also known for it's Chucharrista style restaurants  which fashion a crazy assortment of beef, veal, chicken, pork and everything in between cooked on giants skewers on an open flame.  The all have amazing salad  spreads as well as table side service for the BBQ. There goes the diet!
     Our first show was down at Brava Beach. By the time we got to our hotel  after another two hour plane ride followed by a hour long van ride we were so spun out with jetlag and sleep depervation. I managed to sneak in a short nap before soundcheck. Brava Beach is beautiful place with a great left hand point break right out front of the venue. We managed to sneak in a surf in between load in and soundcheck. I was great to get a surf in with Donny and Tom Curren at the same time. The waves were great and the locals were super cool as well as our promoters from Alma Surf. It's always fun to walk to soundcheck barefoot with your trunks on still wet from the surf.
     Our first show was packed full of hungry enthusiastic Brazilian fans. ABout 2500 of them were packed like sardines in an can. Brazilans are definately are night owls. Our show started around 3:30 a.m. and ended around sun up. Welcome to life south of the border. 

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