Thursday, March 3, 2011

Travel woes

     It has been another crazy month or so for the Donavon Camp. After a great tour of Japan, We headed home for a couple of weeks before heading down to South America. We had time to squeeze a few gigs in with my other project “3.” It’s nice to come home and play some music with my friends in a smaller more intimate setting. It gives me a chance to let loose so to speak. I love playing concerts and shows, but it’s fun to be in a looser environment and have the room to stretch out a little. I feel that I am very blessed to have the best of both worlds. The bar/restaurant scene can get very tiring and taxing on the body with late nights and loud music as well as the touring scene also puts a lot of strain on one’s internal clock with crazy flights and bus rides. I feel sometimes I live in my own random time zone where the only thing that keeps me straight is the sunrise and sunset unless we are in the land of no darkness like the Alaskan Summer.
     On January 26th, The Jax crew headed down to Brazil for two weeks of surf and music. Our first flight took us up to Washington DC where we were to catch a flight down to Sao Paulo. We boarded the first and last flight to DC out of Jacksonville Airport that day. As the plane approached the Dulles runway, I opened the window shade to have a look and much to my surprise there was no runway. It was completely covered in snow. It almost seemed we were landing on a white lake. A snowstorm came through the Northeast during our flight. It dumped 10 or so inches within an hour’s time. It was a surreal experience that I prefer to never go through again. We landed safely only to find out that the airport was closing and our flight had been rescheduled for the following day. We were blessed to have family close by to come rescue us from sleeping in the baggage claim area. Thank God we made it to our resting place before the highways closed. The Airport freeway looked like a scene out of “Mad Max.” There were cars abandoned in ditches and off ramps everywhere. Commuters left their cars out of gas and proceeded on foot.
     After 18 hours of waiting we finally boarded our nine hour flight down to Sao Paulo, Brazil. And thus the tour began. 



  1. There are things that you can't control while traveling.

  2. I totally agree with the comment above me. There are things that are unrelated.