Friday, July 15, 2011

Mmmm Burritos

      My most favorite thing about California is the Mexican food. Not only is the food cheap but so fresh and flavorful. For the whole Cali run I was on a 2 burrito/day diet. Meal-in-a-sack, what a great invention!  
     After rubbing elbows with rich and elite, We headed over to Santa Cruz then down the coast making stops thru Half Moon Bay, San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach. These shows were a string of promo gigs for Coors Light. One of Donavon and the band's corporate sponsors. All these took place in small venues catered to clients and associates of the brand. Most of these hits were full of drunken bar goers and loud networkers. We did leave these shows with some new fans. The rule of thumb for free shows goes as follows, If you don't pay you don't appreciate. Not always true, but these shows seem this way. Through the obnoxiously loud crowd, we managed to muscle though these shows. My mortgage does thank Miller Coors for the work. 
Diamond Donny on failed trumpet
     Our next proper show was at the Bircher Aquarium in San Diego. What a great place! The actual show took place over the man made outdoor reef behind the aquarium. I could look over the stage and see starfish and sea cucumbers everywhere. As I gazed over my right shoulder I had a beautiful view of some great surf peeling away from the La Jolla pier. The show was sold out and we even had a random high-heeled reef dancing girl. The security guard came to remove Miss Dancing Shoes from the rocky reef before she went down into sea cucumber hizzy but she was playing hard to get. That was very entertaining. Here are a few pictures from the gig.
under the sea or stage in this case

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