Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heading South.

     Well, it's been too long since my last post. A lot has happened over the past 3 months. We have been burning up the airways. After Brazil I had the priveladge of traveling to the Dominican Republic with pro surfers Asher Nolan and Cody Thompson and up and legendary film maker Luke Thorpe . My wife and I were invited by our friends from Zapstix Surf shop in Salisbury Mass to come down to their new surf camp in D.R. This was my first trip down to the Dominican. It is such a beautiful place chalked full of great waves and beautiful beaches. After a few days of surf and sun, Our friend/personal tour guide Pat Hall and I played a couple of super fun shows for the local peeps and tourists in Cabarete. First of all, I never realized how heavy the waves are down there. The area around Cabarete has some sketchy reefs and pounding beach breaks. Needless to say I sat out a couple of sessions in fear of having my butt pounded on the reef riddled with spiny sea urchins.
     The fellas at Zapstix surf camp treated us to an island style BBQ while Pat and I entertained the campers with an impromptu Jam session/rehearsal. The weather is grand year round and the waves seem to pump during hurricane season into well into Winter. The water is crystal clear and so warm year round. The beaches are beautiful and uncrowded. It's nice to take walks along the coast from cove to cove climbing over mounds of volcanic rocks.
     As the sun sets in Cabarete, The parties begin and don't seem to stop until sun up. Outdoor bars and discos line the beach and people flow in and out from club to club. It becomes quite a scene after 10pm with street vendors and locals selling everything from ice cream to boot-legged dvds.
     Pat and I played two shows and we seemed well received. It's always fun to play music with friends and for people who appreciate live music. It is truly a universal language that knows no borders. A local musician was kind enough to let me use some of his gear which is very hard to come by in the Dominican. Especially with the prices of baggage fees by Spirit Air. They love to take advantage of weary travelers. You even have to pay for carry-ons!
     After a week of fun in the sun it was time to head back to good old Jax. We had a grand old party the last night before our 3a.m. flight back to Florida. I want to say thanks to Mike, Pat, James and John for making our trip possible and for the unbelievable hospitality that they all arranged for Cat and myself. so until next time...

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