Sunday, July 25, 2010

day 27

     Well here we are in Martha's Vineyard for the last show of this leg of the tour. Tomorrow we are homeward bound! On Friday, We were in Portland, Maine. What a great town. The downtown area is laden with great boutiques and amazing brew pubs. We had a great show considering we were all running on very little sleep following the jaunt from Nantucket. The whole Nantucket experience was a debacle since our bus was not able to make the ferry due to engine problems on the freighter ferry. After 8 hours in the ferry parking lot, we were told that we had to walk on to the ferry with our gear. So that's what we did dragging clothes, gear and our sanity. To make a long story short, we had a great couple of days at the old Chicken Box. We stayed in the "band house" which is glorified camping but more unsanitary due to the nature of what has happened in those beds before we arrived.  At least there was a shower and laundry. Donavon, Tito and I grabbed a few waves a Fat Lady Beach next to the distillery. The band sweated out two nights of sold out shows.
      Last night we were in Ridgefield. We played at the Playhouse with Marc Cohn. The show was great and the crowd was super excited. It's a great venue with a very  hospitable staff. The Jax crew ran into some old Sun Dog friends and had some laughs about the "old days" at the Dog. 

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