Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So I had another brilliant idea today as if I've e ever had one. For all fellow friends who are fighting the dreaded disease of alopecia, you know who you are myself included and for those aren't familiar with this disorder. It is yes the incurable balding, thinning, disappearance of one cranial top skin protector otherwise known as hair. We must come together and tame the beast. It's time to lose that skullet. My idea is to have a shaving day of all parties young and old who like me are holding on and fighting the battle. Sorry fellas no back, buttock or nether region hair applies. We can collect it all and drive to the panhandle sop up some oil. Box it up and mail it to BP's corporate office with an attached thank you card for curing our dreaded disease and ruining our coast line. Ain't life grand.

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